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A New Name, New Brand and New Services for The Web Workshop

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 00:00

Morebattle-based The Web Workshop Ltd has been a leader in web-related services for 15 years. More recently, this innovative company has expanded into other digital marketing services, offering local and national business a complete package, and has taken on a new name and brand identity to complement the move.

With the imminent launch of these new services, it was felt that it was time to retire the name The Web Workshop. The company’s creator and Managing Director, Andrew McEwan, explains, “When I started the business back in 2000, website design and hosting was all I did. However, over time I’ve been adding more and more services including ecommerce, email marketing, search engine optimisation, complete social media management & marketing, and now video marketing. The name The Web Workshop simply became too restrictive, so the business is being renamed And We Do This. While it’s sad to say farewell to an old friend, I feel that the new name conveys the notion that we have more than one offering, while leaving room to add even more services when required.”

The consumption of online video has seen enormous growth in recent times. Alongside more traditional video production services, we’re also introducing animated ‘explainer’ videos. These colourful and engaging animations can be a very cost-effective way of getting a clear, concise message across very quickly: a problem is identified, the solution identified, and the route to obtaining that solution clearly signposted.

“The response that we’ve had so far has been fantastic!” Andrew enthuses. “Local businesses are already taking advantage of this one-stop shop, and are discussing how best to implement all the tools now at their disposal.”

“By pulling all the various concepts together, we can offer a complete package: produce videos which can be used for advertising on social media, driving visitors to the client’s website where we encourage them to get more information.”

 “In this business you simply cannot afford to stand still. Take your eye off the ball for five minutes and the rest of the world has moved on,” Andrew explains. “I’ve assembled a great team of people, all champing at the bit to help businesses get the most of their online presence.”