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Interesting visit to China

Tuesday, 03 May 2016 07:55

Exporting to China is exciting; fast; furious and a recent trip was no exception. The pace of development is relentless and the last few months have highlighted this. Working with PSI Global BCCA has been able to
identify a problem at a Chinese industrial OEM. The task then was to develop a technical and commercial solution, patent it and conclude a trial order of some US$250k all within the space of 6 months.

The problem was a standing wave in an industrial filter located inside a type of compressor. The real insight derived from boring lessons during A-level physics that organ pipes worked because of the way the sound waves reinforced each other and so gave a particular note - in this industrial case the “note” was both annoying to operators as well as potentially damaging to the machine since rhythmic vibrations are seldom good for bearings and structures leading to premature failure. By working the standing wave back from the length and “note” it was realised that introducing a small amount of turbulence would in fact destroy the standing wave.

There are a few lessons here: China expects collaboration and where it exists will work cooperatively to find solutions. They expect these solutions to be found quickly and will provide resource to achieve this. That strong relations of trust must be developed before, during and after collaboration between the parties

It was pleasing to find that A-level physics wasn’t a total waste. With an expected life time value of over US$10m this has been a successful roller coaster ride.

Hans Waltl