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Opening Doors for Business in the Scottish Borders

The Eildon Hills in the Scottish Borders at sunrise

Many Scottish companies are already harvesting the pearls of their success from the marketing and selling of their products overseas. Scotland has a wealth of quality products and services and the quality of Scottish goods means Scottish exports are readily accepted abroad.

The breaking down of world trade barriers and the Single European Market have made it even simpler for companies to do business in a wider geographical area. Scottish companies are finding a treasure of opportunities in countries throughout the world, giving them new growth and success.

Export Club Objectives

  • to encourage active exporting
  • to stimulate wider interest/activity in export trade
  • to encourage the spread of best export practice
  • to provide Borders-based business people with a local forum for the discussion of export issues
  • to signpost available sources of export support and advice
  • to provide the opportunity for regular, informal contact with local colleagues
  • to highlight specific market opportunities
  • to enable established exporters to pass on their experience

We welcome new members, whatever stage of the export journey you're on! Get in touch to find out more, and come along to a meeting to find out what it's all about. Look forward to seeing you.