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Innovation is our tradition

The history of Emtelle and the history of telecommunications display strong parallels. While telecommunications’ influence was spreading worldwide, we were developing increasingly global operations.

The L. S. Starrett Company Ltd.

Precision, Quality, Innovation

After more than 130 years, we remain as dedicated today to the making of great tools and saws for our customers as we were when Mr. L. S. Starrett from Athol, Massachusetts, USA, founded the company in 1880. He created a business and a brand that has become synonymous with precision, quality and innovation, backed by unmatched service and support.

Turnbull & Scott

Established in 1933, Turnbull & Scott are an electrical and mechanical engineering business specialising in the generation, transfer and recovery of heat. Today the business is majority owned by a unique partnership of employees and investors all committed to British design and manufacturing and to providing learning opportunities for the next generation of engineers.