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One Software System To Fuel Total E-Commerce Management.

Inforgen's hosted software solution integrates teams across your organisation to drive profitability and smoother operations at every turn.

Eildon Systems


We specialize in systems and products which help production management increase output and efficiency. Our products include the QRD - a large, dynamic, electronic production display (a type of "Andon" or "Productivity Scoreboard") which gives real-time feedback of production output and efficiency, leading to positive reaction from operators, supervisors and management. The QRD can be connected to our NETPC-Checkmate software system which enables management to see on their office terminal exactly the output and efficiency of production lines, manufacturing cells, machines, etc, as it happens.


Based in the Scottish Borders, Kearse & Boys produce a collection of designer knitwear, employing traditional craft skills – machine knitting, embroidery, crochet, weaving and our own unique felting process produce an unmistakably Scottish look which is also elegant and fashionable.


Innovation is our tradition

The history of Emtelle and the history of telecommunications display strong parallels. While telecommunications’ influence was spreading worldwide, we were developing increasingly global operations.

ERIBÉ Knitwear

Celebrated worldwide, Eribé is a Scottish Knitwear Design House and Manufacturer based in the Scottish Borders.