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A Hume Outfitters

Country Clothing of Distinction

We have been around for over 80 years so there's a fair bit of history.

My Grandfather, also an Archie, but known as 'Arch' founded A Hume, Gentlemen's Outfitter, in 1929.

He ran an entirely made-to-measure tailoring business and although we continue to offer a made-to-measure service, he could never have envisioned how his business would grow.

These days we sell the finest brands in country clothing locally to our loyal clientele in the Scottish Borders from our Kelso shops in The Square and Horsemarket, and also worldwide to over 25,000 customers via our website.

And We Do This Ltd

Digital Marketing & Automation Services

Helping businesses thrive through the use of web, ecommerce, digital marketing and automation.

Aptek (Scotland) Limited

Straight Talking Technology

In a nutshell I work with forward thinking businesses and listen to what it is they want to achieve and the issues they face and build a technological solution for them. Then I make it happen.