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A group of local firms, encouraged by Scottish Enterprise Borders, Scottish Borders Council, and Edinburgh International Trade (a division of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce), identified the need to support exporting companies and to introduce more companies to the export market. In response to this, the group set up an Export Club to stimulate and expand the export of goods and services from the Scottish Borders by offering the opportunity for companies to interchange knowledge, procedures, facts, and information on export trading, as well as providing the opportunity for regular, informal contact with other Borders based companies.

In October 2008 the name of the organisation was changed to the Scottish Borders Exporters Association.

The Exporters Association gives the experienced exporter up to date information on export developments, exporting techniques, and information on exporting activities. For those companies new to exporting, it allows them to learn from companies with 'hands on' experience as well as giving access to vital information on help available, export market research, financing exporting, movement of goods, joint ventures, etc.

Membership of the Exporters Association is open to all companies regardless of size, or industry sector. Regular meetings, workshops, and seminars on specific export topics and countries are organised for members, who also receive through the Association's web-site news stories about members activities and successes overseas, plus information on current developments and opportunities.


Ian Burton
Rosy Eribe
Alan Morton
Bronagh O’Kane